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At WebOptia, we help our customers to enhance, scale, and grow their businesses with our leading affiliate marketing services. Our expert will help you to find the influencers, perfect affiliates, and media personalities to cooperate with. Our affiliate marketing agency is professional in commercial talks and has plenty of experience in many sectors to help you grow your business. 

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or need to explore new traffic, our professionals will help you out in all these matters. Our Affiliate marketing agency is an expert in generating high-quality leads and selling online products. 

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As a leading affiliate marketing agency, our experts at WebOptia have many years of experience in launching new affiliate programs and taking over the old programs.

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  • Targeted traffic
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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which affiliate marketers receive a commission for promoting a brand, each sales or lead they generate for clients. An affiliate marketer receives a fixed commission or price depending on the company.

There are three main types of affiliate marketing such as involved affiliate marketing, unattached affiliate marketing and related affiliate marketing.


  • Attached Affiliate Marketing: Attached affiliate marketing narrates those who are closely connected to a brand or service they are promoting. 

  • Involve Affiliate Marketing: Involve affiliate marketing means when someone purchases a product or service by using affiliate links then affiliate marketers earn a commision from company or specific client.

  • Related Affiliate Marketing: Related affiliate marketing means you’re promoting a brand or service that you don’t use but it is related to your niche. An example of related affiliate marketing is blogger, youtube channel or tik tok etc. 


An affiliate marketer promotes another company’s service or product by using social media platforms, podcasts or websites. When they reach targeted sales they earn a commission by promoting another company’s service or product.

The commission is fixed in most affiliate marketing programs. In general when affiliate marketer reach their target sales they get the commission, but in our digital marketing agency Weboptia  we have pocket friendly packages of affiliate marketing services. Our first priority is to build trust between our clients by giving them desired results.